Contemporary Classical Music. And More.

Theme 2021: Shades of Light


Ensemble Matters is a London-based group dedicated to contemporary classical music and more. Our repertoire ranges from the modern classics to newly commissioned works, alongside older works worth revisiting in a new light.

Our past projects include our much-loved Bite Matters Call for Scores, in which we’ve received from over 40 composers across the globe, as well as the performance of Schoenberg’s Pierrot Lunaire and the world premiere of Romantic Remnants, an interdisciplinary collaboration between music, dance, motion graphics, and visual art. We have performed at various venues across London and have been broadcast further afield such as the US.

Our core musicians consist of Beth Stone (flute), Fran Cervera (clarinet), Mikaela Livadiotis (piano), Lena Segal (violin), Tamaki Sugimoto (cello), and Owen Ho (artistic director). Learn more about us here.

“As I watched [their recording] I was more and more entranced by the sheer fizz of the occasion, wishing I could have been there.”

Defining “Matters”

[noun] Elements that form life
[noun] Things worth listening
[verb] Be of relevance

We matter as we believe in the importance of music today. Amidst the quickening pace of the world, music has the unique power that demands us to pause time, wonder, and contemplate. It refines the way we see the world. It refreshes our existence. And the music that we bring to you does exactly that.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned concert-goer or a first-timer. All you have to do is to open your ears and listen. In return, we will bring you everything that matters.

Past Collaborators

Ensemble Matters is an open form. We often work with many others across the fields. Below is a list of our past collaborators, with whom we have had some very great time together. The order is roughly chronological as some have been our frequent guests!

Bloomsbury Festival (presenter)
Amy Crankshaw (composer)
Alondra Ruiz-Hernandez (cross-disciplinary artist)
Sherry Shen (violin)
Edward Deakins (cello)
Parisa Sabet (composer)
Kyriakos Costa (composer)
Corey de Baat (composer)
Jakob Glans (composer)
James Helgeson (composer)

Kirsten Strom (composer)
Eliott Bougant (violin)
Company Concentric (dance, choreography)
Haruka Hochin (motion graphics)
Ian McNaught Davis (visual art)
Dr Christopher Bundock (researcher/lecturer)
Elena Accogli (viola)
Marcella Di Garbo (soprano)
Alexandra Thomson (clarinet)
ArchiCantuor (reciter)