Theme 2021

What Does Life/Death
Mean to You?

Theme 2021: Shades of Light

Things fluctuate and shift,
but the darkest hour is always just before dawn.

All of a sudden, 2020 took a dark turn. As we enter 2021, feelings of uncertainty are still in the air. Rather frustratingly, we rarely see beyond a month’s time. The world has changed and will likely continue to be. Things fluctuate and shift, but the darkest hour is always just before dawn. We remain hopeful that the first light of day will eventually come.

The intricacies of such fluctuation and liminality bring us to our 2021 theme: Shades of Light. If light is a symbol of life, its absence as shade then perfectly represents death. But what is shade were there no light (i.e. death without life)? Conversely, what is the point of light were there no shade (i.e. life without death)? Do and must the two co-exist? And are we humans always equally conscious of them?

Beyond the realm of life and death, light also implies optimism, hope, and positive experiences. Likewise, shades can encompass ideas of pessimism, despair, and tragedies. Equally likely, the phrase “Shades of Light” can be understood as the gradations of luminosity, further pointing to the nuanced yet diverse differences of human experiences…

The theme “Shades of Light” poses more questions than answers, but that’s precisely what motivates our programme of this year. Hopefully, we can offer new perspectives to these questions and inspire you to think and wonder. Make sure you subscribe to our newsletters and follow our social media for our latest updates.

Curation Team 2021