Shades of Light @ Bloomsbury Festival

Shades of Light – Concert @ Bloomsbury Festival
Conway Hall, London. 22 October 2021

“The musicians of Ensemble Matters were a pleasure to work with for the concert at Bloomsbury Festival. They brought a delightful sense of open-mindedness and creativity to the new composition. Owen’s dedication and leadership as conductor and director made for a highly gratifying collaborative experience.”
– Amy Crankshaw (Composer)

I feel extremely privileged to have the opportunity to collaborate with the immense creativity Ensemble Matters brings to any project they endeavour. Owen is organised with a vision, while he simultaneously gives you creative freedom to explore ideas. He is incredibly dedicated and is always ready to work and support the artist he collaborates with.”
– Alondra Ruiz-Hernandez (Cross-disciplinary Artist)

“Working with Ensemble Matters is a very fruitful and inspiring creative process. What I enjoy most about collaborating with Owen Ho and his talented group of musicians is that artists are given the freedom to express their ideas in their own medium, and once this meets Ensemble Matters’s interpretation, the result is a much deeper and evocative body of work.”
– Ian McNaught Davis (Visual Art)

Shades of Light @ Bloomsbury Festival is a concert curated around Ensemble Matters’s 2021 theme of “Shades of Light”, which has inspired our creatives to put forward their interpretations, both literally and metaphorically.

Programme Booklet | Concert Trailer


Amy Crankshaw – Golden Hour (World Premiere)
Ian McNaught Davis (film) & Owen Ho (music) – Katabasis (World Premiere)
Tristan Murail – Thirteen Colours of the Setting Sun (1978)
Alondra Ruiz-Hernandez (film) & Sergei Rachmaninoff (music, arr. by Owen Ho) – Isle of the Dead (World Premiere)


Flute: Beth Stone
Clarinet: Fran Cervera
Piano: Mikaela Livadiotis
Violin: Sherry Shen
Cello: Edward Deakins
Percussion: Francisco Negreiros
Conductor: Owen Ho

Special thanks to donors who supported our crowdfunding: Golsoncott Foundation, Silvina Milstein, Kyriakos Costa, Charlotte Andrew, Sam Webb, and two anonymous donors.