Romantic Remnants @ Bloomsbury Festival

Romantic Remnants – Music. Dance. Motion Graphics. Visual Art
25 October 2020. Part of Bloomsbury Festival.

“Collaborating with Ensemble Matters is an incredibly rewarding creative experience . . .
the final multi-disciplined performance is always richer and more multidimensional than the sum of its parts.”
– Ian McNaught Davis (Visual Art)

“The outcome was great considering the various obstructions we had last year due to the pandemic and change in venues, etc . . . refreshing to experience a different environment.”
– Haruka Hochin (Motion Graphics)

“Owen is a dedicated and driven composer who communicates inspiring ideas to his collaborators and audiences . . . while also trusting and welcoming [our] creative responses . . . – a gem of a project leader.”
– Company Concentric (Choreography/dance)

Romantic Remnants – Music. Dance. Motion Graphics. Visual Art is a multidisciplinary collaboration exploring what it means to be romantic today.

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Joan Tower Petroushskates (1980)
Robert Schumann Scenes from Childhood – Arrangement for Chamber Ensemble (1838, arr. Owen Ho, 2020)
Owen Ho Romantic Remnants (2020) – Music for Dance, Motion Graphics, and Visual Art (World Premiere)


Choreography: Company Concentric
Motion Graphics: Haruka Hochin
Visual Art: Ian McNaught Davis


Flute: Hannah Gillingham
Clarinet: Fran Cervera
Piano: Mikaela Livadiotis
Violin: Eliott Bougant
Cello: Tamaki Sugimoto
Conductor: Owen Ho